Dryer Vent Cleaning!

THE MOST OVERLOOKED HOME MAINTENANCE TASK IN AMERICA! DON'T BE A VICTIM!Moist lint sticks to your dryer exhaust like gum on hot pavement! Over time, your dryer exhaust pipe accumulates lint - and you'd be surprised just how

much lint can fit in your dryer exhaust pipe! WHY A CLOGGED DRYER EXHAUST RUN IS BAD...REALLY BAD!

1. The accumulated lint blocks the flow of air the dryer is trying to exhaust outside - this causes your clothes to take much longer to dry! 

2. Not to scare anyone, but each year there are over 15,000 fires in the United States caused by, you guessed it, Dirty dryer vents!


Professional dryer vent cleaning company has the equipment to successfully clean out your dryer vent.This equipment is not commonly used by a local handyman. It is specifically designed to clean today’s Longer dryer runs.


(National Fire Protection Association) Recommends all dryer vents get cleaned out at least once a year.